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My love of beautifully detailed, simple luxuries led me to create December Creative. I am passionate about slowing down in this fast-paced, ever-changing world and enjoying treasured products that have stood the test of time.

I consider every aspect of my business to be an art form. From my home studio in the Chicago suburbs, I dream up unashamedly feminine products and then work to make them a reality. I strive to create more than just a product; our candles create an experience. Lighting a candle instantly changes the tone of a room. It creates an ambience that is relaxing, comforting, and timeless. To imagine how many cherished moments have happened through the centuries by candlelight is utterly inspiring.

Our candle scents are lovingly mixed with all natural coconut wax blend and paired with a 100% cotton wick. Our scents take months to develop, with a precise mix of essential oils and perfume. I passionately work on every detail of our candles, from the font used on the label to the fragrance itself, there is no detail too small. We make sure that DC candles are delicately scented; enough scent to fill a space, but never syrupy or overpowering.

I hope you’re inspired as you discover the joys of fragrance here at December Creative.

- Cassandra